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26-28 May 2006, Varna (Bulgaria)

26-28 May 2006, Varna (Bulgaria)

VAR06pic6 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Varna in Bulgaria was one of the new venues of MOS2006 that rounds up our presence in east of Europe. The Jam was very nice as well as the people and the weather.

VAR06pic1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Varna is located right at the bench of the Black Sea, a day-trip and approx 500km south of Sofia. It is a major city for tourism, has a long and old history and seems like a very nice place to live, seems. It is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, third-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, with a population of 350.000.

The actual daily population, including commuters, is widely believed to have made it the country’s second-largest city. Bulgarian Graf-scene is pretty vivid and innovative, but left a little aside from the european continental. Another reason why we had to come down here.

VAR06pic6 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti
The bulgarian MOS brought you new styles and new skills. The spot was located right next to a sea-terminal where crusades on the black sea have their starting-point.
The organization work was shared by Napa’s GraffStore, Association for Youth Culture and Contemporary Arts “Radar” and the administration of the Sea Port, Varna.The Jam started early saturday morning.

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The wall was primed, names sketched upon it so everybody knew where to paint. A huge and long scafolding provided easy access to the wall.
Pretty soon the artists where busy even though it was really hot. The good thing: right around the corner of the wall was a long long and nice beach. So whenever the head was about to burn, the water was waiting to cool you down. The vibe during the event was pretty chill. Artists were working all day long while spectators started to enjoy the flavour of the bulgarian beer pretty soon. Later the day bulgarian Rap-Acts showed upon stage. Eventhough you might dont undertstand what they rap you could feel it. The vibe was getting hotter. Beside of Raps and Graffiti, there were additional attractions such as a foot-bag- and skate-contest. All in all, the first bulgarian MOS has been a great success, dominated by a very good vibe based upon respect, communication and cooperation

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