Send a short interview if you're considering having a Meeting of Styles in your City

We get a lot of questions about people wanting to set up new Meeting of Styles events. This form will guide you through the process and ask a few questions so we can get to know you.

We have come a long way to establish an international platform for graffiti-art with a worldwide reputation.

Since 1997 MOS has launched over 400 events in many countries across Europe, Russia, Asia, and Americas. These events have sponsored many thousands of graffiti artists from all over the world - Resulting in a whooping 30.000+ pieces since the first events.

As we are a non-profit organization, we expect everybody who is interested in organizing a MOS to approach us with a non-commercial state of mind.

To set up a Meeting of Styles you need:

  • A good spot with space for at least 40 artists annually
  • Access to (or a plan for) basic funds
  • Provide basic materials, food, and accommodation
  • A network of helpers and supporters
  • Dedication and love for the culture
  • Reliability

We also encourage city partnerships - and ask both organizers and the hosting cities to show their support to the Meeting of Styles-brand as the event grows.

New organizers are initially invited for 2 years - and if you deliver a good and honest event, you'll be a part of the family.

We look forward to hearing more about your work and your thoughts!

Kind regards
Meeting of Styles Global Team

Tell us about the place and also include an address or map link.

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