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2006, Lodz (Poland)

2006, Lodz (Poland)

MOS06flyefrontWeb 734x1024 1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The MOS in Lodz is a well-established event and joins good reputation in the local city-council. In the past years the MOS could raise consciousness among citizens and politicians, so it seems like its not a bug hustle to find new spots, eventhough the city is tagged and bombed hard since years.

In the past two years the major train-station Kalinska was the place to be while this year the local-orga. has found a new spot. Lodz – the second biggest city of Poland is called the Manchester of the East, as in former times it has been the city of heavy-industry. In these days Lodz became a textile-city where several pollish clothing-brands have thier headquarters. „Meeting of Styles 2006 „ International Graffiti Festival in Lodz-city – Poland, WSHE – Pomorska 51 street .

In 2006 the locals from 461-Crew have found a new spot – more central, more focussed. It was a nice yard with a huge main wall and smaller walls around, located very central near a huge shopping-mall.

This year the line-up was a closed one. As in past years a lot of people have shown upon the wall spontaneously, this year you had to be registered to be part of the huge concept-wall. The main idea: Underwater-World. Major polish Graf-Artists have shown up representing styles and characters and turned the former plain wall into a real burner. The weather had been on our side, so during the first days, it was nice and sunny while at sunday, when most of the wall had been done, some showers closed the event. Beside of the polish writers, artists from Germany and France had show up. The french fraction was not only writers but also rappers who presented thier skills at the after-party inside the center. Approx 1200 people had visited the event over the week-end.
Adress: Pomorska 51, School-Yard.
WSHE Graffiti: Cybe, Meis, Sixa, Limp2, Ram, Zbir, Kner, Pancho, EsteOne (Poland) Marko (France), Heat (Hungary), Cazo, Dome (Germany)

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Music: Rischio, Shablo (Italy), DJ Goodstuffson Złodzieje kwiatów, Awiom Selecta, DJ Kleeb (Poland)

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