Frequently Asked Questions

After more than 25 years of building we have now turned MOS from an informal organisation into a registered non-profit organisation under german law with a constitution and members. This official structure is opening doors for more and better opportunities and makes MOS more accessable for artists from all over the world.

How can I participate at MOS?

After receiving hundreds of emails annually asking for participation we now have implemented an online application tool with a couple of features to support global networking. Once our organisers have published a Call For Artists all registred members may apply for any MOS globally.

world map 1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

It goes like this:

– Artists applying for participation now become a member of the association by creating an online profile on the website

– The membership for artists is 10€ and limited to one year

– In the process you may choose to show your profile in the MOS-network and world map online. If you publish your profile you show up on the MOS-worldmap with a pin, other artists may reach out to you. If you prefer your profile not to be published, you don´t show up on the map but your profile is still good to apply for any MOS.

– The world map has pins of artists to review profiles and contact any artist registered in the network. The idea is to enable artists from all over the world to make new connections and build friendships worldwide

How do the Call for Artists work?

The plan is to have all call for artists published in february so the worldwide artist community has sufficient time to apply and after acceptance to plan the travel. After years of expirience this is one of the main points: equal access to particiption. This is only possible by providing a platform where call for artists are published early each year.

Why do you implement these changes?

For many years we offerend our services and organisation for free and made MOS what it is today.  After coming a long way MOS has grown so much that we received hundreds and thousands of emails of artists asking for participation. At one point it simply got too much so the idea came up to create an association in charge of the international organisation. This enables us to offer equal aprofessionalise our approach and to offer equal access for all artists to all MOS. Futhermore the new tool offers some cool features and helps us to concentrate on the essentials.

What´s  MOS about?

The “International Meeting of Styles” (MOS) is an international network of graffiti artists and aficionados that began in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1997. Brought together and inspired by their passion for graffiti, MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble and exchange ideas, works and skills, but also to support intercultural exchange. In the spirit of cooperation and promotion, MOS has launched hundreds events in many countries across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Americas. These events have sponsored thousands of Graffiti-Artists from all over the world and throughout the years have attracted hundreds of thousands spectators, providing a focal point for urban street culture and graffiti art. The “Meeting Of Styles” as its name says, is a meeting of styles, created to support the netting of the international art-community. It is not meant to be a forum only for classical and traditonal Graffiti-Artists and -Writers, but a podium to present all different types of urban art! This is why we are open for all types and styles.

How can I sponsor MOS?

Beside of the dedication and love necessary to organise the MOS, we are also depending on public funds and sponsors which is not easy to gain. As we are non-profit organised we need to cover all costs by the help of sponsors and public fundings. Therefore we are thankful to receive any links or contacts to companies and institutions who might be interested in supporting us. We offer different types of sponsorships according to specific needs and interests.


A word about us

The “Int. Meeting Of Styles”-Organisation is a non-profit-organisation formed by dedicated and passionate Artists and Art-Lovers who put a lot of work and engagement into the MOS. We as an organisation feel responsibility to work for unification and to resist a system that takes away freedom for order, control and profit. Politics affect us each and every day, locally and globally. Your consumption has a direct impact to the destruction and exploitation of our environment and the manipulation and enslavement of humanity. MOS is our contribution to raise consciousness. The key to freedom is knowledge and education.

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