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MOS teams up with 360 Spraypaint!


MOS teams up with 360 Spraypaint!

2017 Meeting Of Styles teams up with 360 Spraypaint from Mexico! The paint is 5 times high! High covering, high cap control, high line control, high UV resistance enabling high quality blends and fades! Help us to become more independent by distributing 360 in your city! Every sold can will help us to create budgets for next years Meeting Of Styles!

The paint prevents drips, is fast drying and made of the best pigments! And the best: it is  free of lead and CFC and does not harm the ozone layer than any other spraypaint brand!

By distributing 360 you help MOS to be independent and become its own can sponsor! If you are interested in representing 360 get in touch with us soon!

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