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JahOne from Sofia (Bulgaria) “Graffiti brings more beauty to the world”

JahOne from Sofia (Bulgaria) “Graffiti brings more beauty to the world”

jahone6 720x650 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti
Another guest at MOS Germany is JahOne from Bulgaria whose given his name by a friend while doing some “rough style.” He has been painting since 2010 and finds that painting walls is the best way for him to express himself. At the time, we were really into Jungle and Dubstep, and the Rasta culture that influenced it all.  I love the whole process, from sketching to spraying! Graffiti is a fun profession to have. I think social media helps to spread our artform. People can exchange ideas and styles. Sofia, Bulgaria is a big city with lots of underpasses and canals with big walls and abandoned buildings. There is a large graffiti scene, with many writers, each with their own styles and preferences as to where they paint. With all the abandoned buildings, canals and walls, there are plenty of places to paint. There is also a big train scene here. “MOS is one of the best graff events around the world! The rising popularity of street art and big scale murals is the best way to make this world a more beautiful place.  The influence of street art, design and graphics help graffiti to evolve as an art form. In the future I hope to see better quality, longer lasting paint with crazier cap styles. The things I love about graffiti are, the freedom of expression and spreading messages of peace and love! Graffiti brings more beauty to the world.” I would compare my style to atmospheric drum and bass music. At the moment, graffiti is my life! One of the biggest problems of the world right now is the overuse of plastic and pollution. If I were the president, I would stop the polluting of nature. Meeting of Styles is one of the best graff events around the world.
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