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13-15 September 2024, Meeting of Styles Chicago

13-15 September 2024, Meeting of Styles Chicago

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The South Chicago Meeting of Styles combines graffiti and community-based artisans selling their creations for 3 full days of engagement. Every year, MOS South Chicago incorporates expert panel discussions on special topics that include environmental and art-based advocacy as well as providing the community low-cost meals and free entertainment.

This event is held concurrently with the annual Mexican Independence Day parade whose route intersects the revitalized viaducts. With this visibility, awareness of the necessity for street-based art in communities such as South Chicago is accentuated.

This event is free to the public and welcomes members from across the Chicagoland area national and international artist

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Eduardo Luna
Author: Eduardo Luna

Eddie Luna, an accomplished project manager and distinguished muralist, stands as the driving force behind the Meeting of Styles in south chicago and the annual community fair held in Chicago's far southeast enclave every September. Within this vibrant event, he orchestrates a convergence of community organizations, graffiti artists, break-dancers, and artisans, fostering an enriching weekend dedicated to the art of community building. Under his stewardship, this gathering has evolved into a cornerstone of the region's cultural tapestry, captivating the hearts of hundreds who gather to witness the birth of new murals adorning the viaducts. Eddie's unwavering commitment to reshaping the urban landscape to mirror the cultural essence of his beloved community is progressively materializing into reality. With two decades of independent graffiti artistry under his belt, Luna has resided in the South Chicago neighborhood since 1991, making it his canvas for creative expression. His passion lies in forging collaborative partnerships, uniting artists and community stakeholders alike in the pursuit of safer neighborhoods through the transformative power of public art. Eddie Luna's artistic mission transcends the canvas, as he seeks to craft visual narratives that resonate with the lived experiences of Calumet Region residents. His work embodies the resilience of the...


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