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MOS Applications & Network Community Coming Up!

MOS Applications & Network Community Coming Up!

IMG 2543 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Hello World!

We have finally updated the application process which is available now! Read the news below and spread the word! Apply here!


Meeting of Styles has come a long way to establish an international platform for the worldwide Graffiti-Movement. Rooted in the legendary Wall Street Meeting from 1997-2001 at the famous Schlachthof grounds in Wiesbaden, since 2002 by the help of dedicated artists and activists MOS has grown among the entire globe, connecting artists throughout all cultural, national and ethnical boundaries.

After 20 years and spending countless hours and private budget to make MOS a global platform for the Graffiti scene to connect and to exchange, we are now asking for your contribution. Due to your love and appreciation for MOS, but also due to the great work and engagement of our organisers in the past years we have received thousands and thousands of applications making it harder and harder for us to keep on track and causing countless hours spent on emailing and expanding server space. We have gotten to a point where we have to restructure and implement new application and organisation procedures.

To improve organisation and services we are currently working on new innovative and progressive changes for the website and the application process. The new features and procedures we are implementing are:

– Artists create a profile on the website to apply for any MOS
– Artists are offered the option to publish their profile in the MOS-network and world map shown on the website
– The world map will have pins of artists and offer the opportunity to review profiles and contact any artist registered in the network to connect directly. The idea is to enable artists from all over the world to make new connections and build friendships
– At a later stage artists will be presented on the website as “Featured Artist”

world map 1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The programming and the webspace in the past 20 years caused permanently increasing costs which have been covered privately. For the first time in MOS history we ask you for your support to help us cover these increasing costs. An annual fee helps us to improve our services and enables to apply for as many MOS as you want, be part of the MOS-community network, be presented as a featured artist on the website and to make connections and build friendship across the entire Graffiti-World!


Some people may be get the new procedure wrong and misjudge the changes implemented. So here is a few answers to frequently asked questions.

MOS applications have been for free in the past years. Why do I have to pay now?

As mentioned above, we receive thousands of applications every year making it hard for each organiser to focus on the organisation. It makes it way easier for us to review all applications online in a backend instead of following hundreds and thousands of emails. As the website and the webspace are growing and as we are implementing new features we ask for your contribution.

Do I have to pay for every MOS that I want to apply?

No. The contribution we ask for is an annual membership which enables you to apply for every MOS in the same year. For example: If we have 20 MOS in 2023, you pay the contribution only one time and you can apply for all 20 MOS.

Instead of paying for the application I rather pay the local organisers. Cool?

The costs for the development of the new tools such as the application module and the worldmap are on the international headquarter and it is hard to collect any payments made in cash with the local organisers. This is why we accept online payments only.

If I pay my contribution, is it guaranteed that I will be selected?

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The selection of artists is in the hands of the local organisation based on various aspects. Eventhough we appreciate your contribution unfortunately we can not guarantee you a participation. Nevertheless you may apply at all MOS per year so chances are quite high.

10€ fee is a lot of money, especially for artistd from poorer contries. Are you aware of it?

Yes, we are aware of the fact that 1.000.000€ buy more beer in latin-America than in Europe. Unfortunately it was not possible to have different fees for different countries.

You guys probably make trillions of money. Will you spend the amount exceeding the costs for the webservices on fancy cars, parties and high life?

Definitely no! Any amount exceeding our costs for the webservices, maintenance and development of the website we will spread either among all organisers or help a national organisers who is tight in funds.

In a way you help us to:

– improve our organisation
– help us to pay for the webservices, website development and maintenance
– help us to build the MOS-network-community with the world map of artists
– by your contribution make some MOS more independent from sponsors

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