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07-09 July 2006, Padova (Italy)

07-09 July 2006, Padova (Italy)

PAD06pic5 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After the first italian MOS in Padova 2005 with more than 100 writers, the project came back with a new spot, a topic, new program and dope italian graffiti-artists from all around the country. Dolce vita a bella italia!


Padova is a very nice city near Venice. Its famous and wellknown for its clothing- and textile-industry. The spot, an underpass-complex, contained more than 1500squaremeters of solid cement-walls up to a height of 4m. At friday a lot of artists from all around Italy came in, ready to snatch cans, walls, to prime the walls and to work on the concept – Underwater….



Over the weekend a funky festival happened near-by, so it was very nice to paint and then to check out the festival. At saturday the Jam was burning as well as the sun was.
Beside of italian artists, you could meet writers from Puerto Rico, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As the common italian is more a kind kind of human-being, the vibe was very nice.

PAD06pic6Italian scene is highly connected and most of the activists really do come along with each other. How to get there? The spot: Giardino Fantasia – Via Ticino, Padova. Car: exit Padova ovest, follow direction for padova, turn left, follow via po, pass the redlight and straight on the overpass.

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When you go down, take the second street on your right and you arrive in via Ticino. By train: Exit from the rear side of Padua station, go to the left , walk for about 700m and turn to the left when you see via Ticino.

Author: MoS

MOS Orga.

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