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28-30 July 2006, St. Petersburg (Russia)

28-30 July 2006, St. Petersburg (Russia)

RUS06pic6 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After we were able to realise the MOS-East three times Belars, the country of so called “Europe´s last dicktator”, it got kind of hard to realise it in 2005.


When the permission for the original spot in Gomel was withdrawn by the local city-council, True Stilos had a hard time to find a new spot. Luckily a new option occured in President Putin´s hometown St.Petersburg. The perspective to do the Jam in Belarus was not so good. As we had the chance to avoid problems we decided to change city and country and moved more east to the land of KGB, mafia, babuschkas and wodka.


Russia, the empire of the evil during the cold war. St. Petersburg, the second biggest city of Russia was the place to be. This city is called Venice of the north, because it has a lot of canals going through the city. It´s a very nice and old city with a lot of nice architecture.

Line-Up: Prisco MTR (Puerto Rico), Rok2 (Austria), DFM-Crew, Cazo (Germany), Cik (UK), Liquid, Mors, Odes, Dzenik, Tito (Belarus), Dna, Splash, Mores, H.Crab, Trun (St.Petersburg), Aske, Oskes, Kola, Kiosk, Akus, Mark,Freak, Mesr, Yes, Zmogk, Zomb, Nabor (Moscow),Warums (Brest), Sten, Lexus, Sjam (N-Novgorod), Grif, Urka, Massa (Kazan), Zloy, Meser, Echo (Ekaterinburg) and many more.


The Jam started friday afternoon with priming the walls, thinking and working about concepts. The organisation was very well done. More and more people came along as well as writers from all parts of Russia. You got to know that in Russia, it may take one or two day-trips to travel by train from one city to the other. Writers travelled from Murmansk, Kirkusk, Moscow, Minsk and other places to leave a mark at the MOS or just to make connections and to meet people. The spot was pretty nice – a wall of approx 600m lenght up to 2.50m high. As you can see in the gallery, russian Graffiti-Art is on a very high level, the scene well connected and the writers very kind. Russia is different for western people. At first sight, the common russian of every-day-life is a kind of moody person, but there are a lot of nice and kind people too, at second sight. The weather was kind of wicked, windy, a little rain, not too warm but still with sunny breaks. A lot of spectators came along, TV, radio and newspapers. All day long DJs spinned records and created a chilly, relaxed vibe.

RUS06pic6 RUS06pic7

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Saturday night the Carhartt-After-Party was held in a nice nice club near the harbour. Sunday early in the morning artists appeared at the set, ready to finish the works. The week-end was simply nice and dope with impressions from another exotic country in the East.

RUS06pic8 RUS06pic9 RUS06pic10


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