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13-15 October 2023, Parma (Italy)

13-15 October 2023, Parma (Italy)

Originale 1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Despite the great food and incredible talent of Bella Italia and despite the fact that Italy has been a part of MOS since its early days, the country has remained blank on the map for the last couple of years. Finally, the void was filled by McLuc Culture aps, collective founded in 2005 which later officially became a non-profit cultural association for social promotion based in Parma.    

Since 2023, the methods of participation, for artists and organizers, in the Mos all over the world have changed. After the running-in phase, it will be fully operational in 2024. Faq that clarifies everything Mos Italy has chosen to join the new methods this year in order to welcome everyone equally without differentiation

Insta Con Sponsor capriparma negativo scaled - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

For almost 18 years it has been successfully organizing multidisciplinary events and meetings dedicated to urban and contemporary creativity. In particular to the art of graffiti and its correct diffusion as a form of social development and for personal growth and for the community.

PAR23 spot2 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Among the many events it organizes, aperiodically, also a national convention dedicated to urban creativity Segni Urbani. Made for the first time in 2015 at the Parma skatepark, the appointment moved in 2018 to the large and suggestive railway underpass, an extension of the modern structure of the Europa Bridge. Which passes over the small river Parma. And it is this space that hosts the Meeting of Styles Italy on the dates of 13/14/15 October 2023.

On the wall in alphabteical order: Andrea639 – Italia, Asem – Spagna, Concept Riki – Italia, Dase – Italia, Diocondor – Italia, Dizi – Germania, Go Gonzo – Svezia, Guel Do It – Portogallo, Hot in Public – Italia, Je 73, Italia, Julien – Italia, Le Vernis – Italia, Kasy23 – Italia, Kler – Svizzera, Manz – Spagna, Mike128 – Italia, Mister Oreo – Germania, Moin – Svezia, Mozone – Italia, Mr Carsa – Italia, Octofly Art – Italia, Pocket Cloud – Italia, Pout – Germania, Rameist – Italia, Rode – Spagna, Stella Bosini – Italia, Royal Venom, Cipro, Rusty – Italia, Sowet – Italia, SoFreeSo – Svizzera, Spant One – Grecia, Sper – Italia, Tackle Zero – Italia, Ufo – Italia, Wioimaz – Italia, Wios – Spagna, Wiz Art – Italia, Zarkoner – Italia, Zoyer – Francia, Zulia – Italia

The spot gives space to about 50 artists. The walls of the tunnel are about 4 meters high while the outer walls are between 5 and 6 meters. Like all MOS, the Italian Meeting is dedicated to freedom of expression and against all wars and oppressions, inspired by a work by the Italian musician Giuseppe Verdi: Va pensiero sulle ali dorate.

IMG 4570 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The appointment is made possible thanks to the partnership with Emilia Romagna Region, Municipality of Parma, Cariparma Foundation, Verdi Off Festival, Regio Theatre, RFI Italian Railway Network, Aurora Domus, Inward National Observatory Urban Creativity, CSV Parma, Common Home. In addition to the graffiti jam, there will also be a free workshop for boys and girls for social and educational purposes, probably a hip hop night and other side activities. But the most important thing for now is to paint and send messages of sharing, peace and to make the world aware of respect for planet earth. We have no right to ruin it and let it die.

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