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29-31 August 2014, Magdeburg (Germany)

29-31 August 2014, Magdeburg (Germany)

MGB14webPlakat1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti
As closing event of the european Meeting of Styles we are happy to welcome the Aerosol-Arena in Magdeburg. Probably Europe´s largest Graffiti-Hall-Of-Fame!

Magdeburg is the capital city of the Bundesland of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, is situated on the Elbe River and was one of the most important medieval cities of Europe. Emperor Otto I, the first Holy Roman Emperor, lived for most of his reign in the town and was buried in the cathedral after his death.

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The Aerosol Arena used to be a bread-factory back in the days when Germany was divided.  Since a couple of years it is run by an association and is being used as a gigantic Open-Air-Gallery of Graffiti-Art. MGB14webaussen1 MGB14webinnen1 The walls of the arena offer more than 8000squaremeters of walls to paint! [symple_divider style=”fadein” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”] Check out the tremendous wall-space and enjoy the walk through the arena! Tapefabrik Open Air @ Int Meeting Of Styles Magdeburg After a sold out winter-festival of Tapefabrik in january 2014 a new edition is coming up during summer: two festivals, same time in east and west, Magdeburg and Wiesbaden. Tapefabrik presents at both festivals the tops of the german Rap-scene. On the Mics at MOS: OFDM Cypher (Schaufel & Spaten, Der Plusmacher, Sonne Ra, Fresh Face) – Man of Booom (Figub Brazlevič, JuJu Rogers, Teknical Development) – Damion Davis – Paranoid Media – Plussdick and Reiser (Mio Mao and Pewee) – Brous Uno. The typical Tapefabrik-styled stage will also feature video-footages. On the walls: Nuclearo 1, Amazing Minds Crew, Erko & Telma, Fabieke, Moe (Italy), Wesl (Spain), Mer (Poland), Same Plan Tomorrow (Denmark), Your Mamas Favorite Production (Norway), Antwerp Aerosol Conspiracy, Aerosol Kings, Duits (Belgium), Mas & Baby K (Israel), NasKool (Austria), Dest & Smir (Switzerland), Stol (Romania), Buenos Truenos Crew, Fede (Argentina), Keto, Khristo (Brasil), DMJC Crew (Peru), Los Capitanos, Finals Crew, Hctr & Your (Leipzig), Bandits (Dresden), Capheads (Halle), Travellin Men (Bochum), 5Zwo4 (Köln), Förderschwerpunkt Malen (Dortmund), High Tech Crew (Potsdam), Sahib (Berlin), Scek (Hamburg), The Concrete Soldiers, Immer wieder stylish, Pekadent, Rugby, Zwerg & Zway, Alküd & Desq, Gecs, Mao, Sucre plus many more to come. Due to the lack of financial support we have to collect a private sponsorship at saturday. While friday will be free of charge, door fee at saturday will be 9€ all day including the big concert!
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