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22-24 August 2014, Antwerp (Belgium)

22-24 August 2014, Antwerp (Belgium)

Ant14grafixweb - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After a little break in Belgium Meeting Of Styles now returns to Antwerp, one of the early MOS-destinations. The place to be: the wellknown Zomerfabriek!

antlogoaerosolkingsneu   eurolinesneu  esksineuzomerfabriek

Antwerp is second most populous city in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province with a population of 512,000. More infos coming soon!

Total availabe wallspace of the main walls plus the train-station is approx 2250squaremeters to paint. For participation and details you can reach our local organisation at

Bandits, Twik, Hza, TwikOne, Gomez, BadCats, Faker, Romain, Menu, Esko, Esko, Hoer, Thomas, Bijsmans, Jones, Billy, Jones, Desa, Desa, Achtzehn, Moes, Charles, Moes, Charles, Desan, Twentyone, Rosh, Sébastien, Calt, Ares, les Gens, Roya, Julien, Mailliu, KidF, Jean, Faisan, New2, Dma, Afp, Cfh, Waf Alosta, Aeroes Crew, Coma, Cometti, Luca, Dhs, Deadly Habits, Sml Crew, Boogie, Lawrence, Skill, De Bruyn, Chas, Vincent Huibers, YesB, Craig, Yesb, Pref, ID, Mister, Emil, Skase, Ces, Cesa,


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