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12-14 September 2014, Chicago (USA)

12-14 September 2014, Chicago (USA)

CHI14fly - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Since 2004 Chicago is part of the MOS-series and always came tougher and stronger. Beside of the painting-action, art-shows, parties and rap-shows enlarged the program representing all branches of Chirock! For the 11th time in a row!

One time in the year all crews come together, contribute walls and spots, invite friends to celebrate the Meeting of Styles by kicking out tons of burners. Details coming up soon!

Location and main spots at the Wall of Style on 30th & Kedzie.

Sept. 11-14th

Thur. Sept. 11th: MOS Meet & Greet party at Gallery Bar, 738 N. Clark 8pm-2am. 21 & up. Free entry. Drink specials Live performances by Ideologists Doc Grafenberg, Ang Thirteen, Zone Pseudo Slang & DJ’s Moz Definite Julio Illanoiz Calderon, Walter Nowak aka Nobley Nobe and guests! Plus featured artist: MeXist Mex Fx (MEX-BOL), Smash Squad Crew

Fri. Sept. 12th: MOS Gallery Show at 1500 s. Western (1st flr. loft) Featuring artists: MeXist (Mex-Bol), Luca Pop (Italy), El Diablo (Paris), Trixter, Slang, Stef, Rogue, Rawfa, Dtel, Nerd, Demon, Zore, Hekl, Yave, Traz, Ish, Gtek, Emte, Thor, Asend, Kane. Music provided by Sam Cervantes aka Rogue One & Kre8 of TBA crew plus Alberto Mejia aka ALO (more info coming soon)

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Sat. Sept. 13th: MOS day jam at the world famous Wall Of Style, 30th st. & Kedzie blvd. Noon – 8pm. Music provided by DJ’s Moz Def, Illanoiz, Nobley Nobe
MOS Expansion Teams:
36th & Albany – CMK. XMEN Crew, TNR- JADE93, PERISH, EKOSE, ONSET, HKS181 (New Mexico/ Arizona) UB crew, Therd 1 CTW (Milwaukee) PC- LABS, WENDL, ENIME, LEKS, CYFN, RK, MUL, Aim One SSB (Brooklyn NYC) Doing a dedication mural with CMK members for SHADOW SSB, fallen brother of Spike Lee, Emphr One (Milwaukee WI) Omen, Argue & 8er CISA (Gary, IN) Cres TCK, FAT, DSI CREW, Deo 45, (Indiana) Drane, CMW, Fade,TIC, IWM, Vipers Crew, Bukue One (Oakland) W/ Susan from
Music provided by ILL TECHNICS dj crew, The Royal Scumbags, Mr Pure, Renegade, Jorge GEO, Chance, Odin Russell, & Dj Stinger
27th & Kedzie – AIR, BTB, EDSK
Music provided by DJ Ambideckstriks, Night Owl, Chunkabud, & Nightwalker
Live painting by some of Chicago’s best graff artists plus national & international guest artists!!!

Sun. Sept. 14th:
Picture day, photogs bring your gear & snap them pics!!

Sponsored by: Eskis Wear, S8 Yard, Gallery Bar, PBR, Red Bull,

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