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23-25 September 2005, San Diego (USA)

23-25 September 2005, San Diego (USA)

MOS05san - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After checking several spots in San Fran, Oakland and LA, the deally for 2005-West-Coast-MOS was San Diego. You know the MOS-Orga-Team is able to react pretty fast sometimes. So we got the confirmation for a really dope spot in San Diego.

Location Commercial street between 27-29th.ST in San Diego.

Graffiti-scenes and cultures change from country to country and city to city. It was a beautiful and sunny day when the MOS happened. A lot of writers came to San Diego to represent and to burn. The West-Coast has a lot of high-quality writers and artists who wanted to participate and show their skills. Still a few days before the event, we received a lot of requests to paint. But as the space has been already thight, a lot of mails came too late.

In relation to the huge amount of writers and available space the spot was too small, eventhough it had several nice walls spread among several blocks. Some writers arrived very early in the morning to get their wallspace. You must know that the organisation of the MOS is happening on an idealogical and uncommercial basis. As everybody has to make a living somehow and the MOS doesnt really help in paying our bills, some of the organisers have only a bit time to organise.

In relation to the quantity of interest to participate the available time for organisation was obvioulsy to small. We apologize for the incovinience some writers may had due to the lack of time for a proper organisation. We consider your critics and will do our best to provide a better organisation in 2006. Due to this lack of time in SD it happened that some writers fought for wallspace macing each other. Eventhough we dont know about the detailed circumstances of this action, we feel sorry and apologize for it.

An action like this is not supposed to happen at a Meeting Of Styles, eventhough we might have been tight with time. You know that our aim is to connect people in a spirit of cooperation, communication and exchange. So please respect that, eventhough we are not a high professional organisation. Later the day the vibe was more smooth and relaxed. Writers were rocking the walls, people gathered to watch and just to hang around. Trains passed by the spot with a lot of flat noses at the windows. The weather was hot and sunny, the artworks being done were simply fresh. Writers from all around Cali to Texas came to represent.

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MIL15banner - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The character you see below is part of a production “Land Of The Enforced” by Aero, Dome, Made, Zore and Yours. The topic of the wall was to illustrate the “Berlin-Wall” the USA is currently building on the border to Mexico.

You can see a wall in the back with styles on it. On top of the wall is a uniformed pig with a sing of La Migra. On the left side you can see a fucked up uncle Sam protecting the boarded. The “No Trespass”-sign had the signature of La Migra as well. La Migra is a slang word for the boarder-police. When we came by the next day to see the art, the La Migra-signs had been overpainted very properly. As wee took pics, the owner was watching us. Obviously the wall was too political, so it has been censored. Cliamte of fear.

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