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23-24 June 2007, Birmingham (England)

23-24 June 2007, Birmingham (England)

bhx07front - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After the first impressions of the royal graf-scene at Liverpools Hub back in 2003, the island had become a gap on the MOS-map – for a while. But in 007 we got it going in the Midlands capitol Birmingham.

The UK-Meeting was held just outside of Birmingham city centre, in a town called Dudley. The Hall-Of-Fame has various walls of different sizes around a community centre.

bhx07front bhx07back

The total walls together made up space for round 30 writers. Additional boards were put up around the outside to make up more space.


Artists from all over Great Britan already arrived and were ready to rock the surfaces, but they had to wait a little. Later the day, the sun came out, so the crews started to work on their productions. Eventhough Great-Britan has an old and strong Graf-scene, not too much illegal Graf around the trainline in B´ham. May be cause its pretty much observed. Downtown street-cops are equiped with head-cameras.

After basic works were done, friday ended up with an afterworkbeer in a chilly pub. So saturday some of the artists started a little later and needed a little longer to get the flow, but they did! Saturday became a sunny day, so the vibe was just right. On a lot of Jams held near the city-centres in the UK, some little street-hustlers hang around to check up paint. But as the spot was a little outside, it happened in a smooth, relaxeda and familiar atmosphere.

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Most of the participating artists such as the TDA-Klan from Ireland are established among UK and well-known.
Directions from the city centre:The nearest train station is ‘Cradley Heath’ which is a direct train from birmingham city centre. Bus’s depart from stand C. Then 124 in the direction of Dudley. 209 in the direction of Merry Hill Centre and the 245 in the direction of the Merry Hill Centre all stop outside the Hall Of Fame opposite the woodman pub.

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