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22-24 July 2005, Lodz (Poland)

22-24 July 2005, Lodz (Poland)

LDZ05flyer1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The MOS is the major Graffiti-Hip-Hop-Event in Poland. An evidence is the fact that one of the major polish TV-station brougth a repot in the 10 o`clock-news at saturday night. Incredible!

This is a wicked city with a very active scene. If you go through it, you find a lot of greyish walls, nice old architecture, in a bad status – very demolished – and a lot lot of bombings, tags and throw-ups. Lodz Kalinska-station was the place to be once again. The wall is huge and approx 500m long and about 5m high. A huge stage had been there to rock the floor, the mics and the turntables. All disciplines had been represented. A scafolding helped a lot.

The event started friday afternoon at one of the biggest shopping-malls in the city, with rapping, breaking and painting of woodboards. Came there late evening at friday, left the stuff at the hotel and headed to the huge wall at Kalinska-station. Everything was ready. The huge stage had been built up, the wall had been primed already with a long scafolding all over. So after checking out the wall, we headed to the cinema to join the movie-show of last years MOS plus more dope video-impressions of polish scene. The jam had been organised very professional as always in Lodz.

Saturday it staretd pretty early. Writers arrived and without loosing any time, the heads jumped on the wall and started to do thier thing. Eventhough the potential is pretty high, it was a little pity that only a few of the more than 50 writers on the wall followed a concept, communicating with their neighbours about colours, styles and concept. So the result was not a huge wall that brought things together, but many single styles and pieces in a good quality, with interesting skills. However, the local crew 461 and the NTK-collective with all their friends and helpers did a perfect job. It was so great to see how dedicated not only the local organisation is, but also all the writers and spectators.

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Later saturday afternoon a progamm of breakdancing, beatboxing and rapping was rocking the stage and created this typical hip-hop-vibe at the scene. After the outside-jam the whole party continued at the Cube-Club with all the major local Rap-Acts, Beatboxers and many nice girlies. Some of the visitors continued celebrating to the early morning-hours. Sunday the jam continued with finishing pieces, meeting people in a more realxed atmosphere. Among 2000 people came to attend all attractions of the polsih 2005-MOS-edition. Pics be online soon

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