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01-03 July 2005, Winterthur (Switzerland)

01-03 July 2005, Winterthur (Switzerland)

WIN05fly - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

In Switzerland it is not easy to find a good spot for a Graffiti-Jam as most of the cities are running Anti-Graffiti-campaigns.

The swiss MOS happened at the same spot as 2004 – in Winterthur, a city 20km east of the Zürich. The main wall has about 600 squaremeters while the second wall.
The spot is located in an industrial area, next to a youth-center which was the basis, it is very good reachable by car and located next to a train-station. The jam started inofficially wednesday with priming the walls and working and concepts. One Truth from Zürich and Xenz from England were the main minds behind the idea of putting up the “Apocalypse” on the wall. Once the idea was born everything went pretty fast.

Writers snatched cans and wallspace and started to work. More than 30 writers were part of this huge huge concept beside of 10 more writers on the second wall right at the main street. Friday evening a very dope street-style-party happened right at the wall. Breakers from Dangerous Mainz were spinning and rocking while Kriso from Darmstadt, Mr. Niggermeyer from Chill At Will-Crew and PTF from Germany were throwing dope lyrics and beats among the crowd. Around 11.30 in the night cops came along and “pleased” us to lower volume.

Due to the screamings of the crowd neighbours called the police. It was a short duscussion with them, but we found an agreement. When the cops were about to leave, some brainless crack-head threw a bottle behind them. So what happened? We had to switch off the soundsystem and the party for this night was over – outside. But we moved the soundsystem into the center and rocked on. The locals heads put so much love into it, with th BBQ, the bar and the tea they caused a very nice chilly vibe. Once you have been to Switzerland, you will never forget this country and will love it forever! Its pretty much like the Netherlands, but some people say, it would be even more chill.

On the walls: One Truth, Gem-Design, Kms, Kesy, Beko, Iceroc, Cruze, Nada (Switzerland), Dest, Serio (France), TCF-Crew (England), Overspin-Crew (Italy), COA-Crew (USA), Rok2 (Austria), Puppet (Sweden), Yours, Dome (Germany) plus many more.

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