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13-15 September 2013, Chicago (USA)

13-15 September 2013, Chicago (USA)

Chi13frontweb - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

MOS Chicago has been a very special event since its beginning back in 2004. With little support to almost none at all, the local Orga. SB-Crew always pulled off an unique event enlarged by other Chicago Crews contributing additional walls and spots and thereby spreading it among the whole neighborhood.

Wall contributing walls beside SB-Crew are CMK, XMEN, CMW, SAW, AIR. The original spot is wellknown among Chicago as the “Wall Of Style” and is located west of the city in Little Village”. The walls around give space for many artists crews. The hospitality of the hood is highly appreciated.


As usual the Chicago-Orga. comes up with a vivid and vibrant program.

Spots are located round 30th & Kedzie, 27th & Kedzie, 36th & Albany, 59th & Western
Live painting and Walls Jams with Chicago’s Illest Graff Artists plus internationally known artists

Sept. 13th-15th is the 10th annual MOS Chicago.
The international graffiti based hip hop exhibition.
Featuring Chicago & Worldwide graffiti artists.

Friday Sept. 13th, 6-10pm
Meeting Of Styles Meet & Greet Gallery Show.
Maxwell Colette Gallery, 908 N. Ashland
Featuring a pop up show of works by:
Trixter, Rafa, Ceno, Same/CMR, Beloved, & Like
Sounds provided by DJ Nobley Nobe


Sat. Sept. 14th, Noon – 7pm
WALL JAMS (live painting, djs, mcs, bboys, etc.)
27th & Kedzie
(DJ’s Chunkabud & guests)
30th & Kedzie
(DJ Nobley Nobe, MC’s- Fatel Flows, Roe & Coffey, 7oddz, Ideologists)
36th & Albany
(Dj’s Benzolive, Oliver Fade, Kevin Durking, DJ Make,
Vinnie Accardo, Em Cee Haze, Tommy Ray Solis)
59th st (between Western & Damen)
(DJ’s – House Of Royalty, MC’s – SSMG, B.Vax, Ill Legit & fam, UAC)

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Saturday night 6-11pm
Eastern Sentral & Pacific gallery show (7th annual)
Uncle Art Gallery
1359 N Maplewood
(DJ Dahv, Impala Sound Champions, MC’s- Ang 13, Pugs Atomz, Visual, Dmnology)

Sunday Sept. 15th
Picture day!
Get your cameras out while the walls get the finishing touches!

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MOS Orga.

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