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07-09 September 2007, New York City (USA)

07-09 September 2007, New York City (USA)

nyc07moc - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

In all those years of the NYC-MOS it has never been easy to get it going (years ago the former MOS-organiser Cern got arrested cause of the MOS). Nevertheless the NYC Meeting of Styles happened again in 007, showcasing some of the best talent in NYC.
As the city has been tagged and bombed hard for decades, a climate of „zero tolerance” and „broken windows” is still around the city. As Graffiti is a sign of rebellion for authorities, the city still tries to vanish Graffiti in all its forms.„Broken Windows”

Due to certain situations that have been brought to life in the past couple of weeks before the event, it was scheduled to be a bit smaller and the locations to be given a few days prior. The line was full and unfortunately there was no additional space for anyone who just showed up. Any painter who has not been in contact with the locals, was not able to paint. We tried to accomodate as many writers as possible every year, but some complications this year we just had to take in stride. Also we hope that all understand.

We look forward to all who come out and attend, and next years event is already being prepared to being bigger and better. After Cope2 arranged the permit of the landlord, Col put it on. Some writers showed up on friday to prepare the walls, most met saturday morning. Major NY-Crews such as the Wallnuts, TD4, FX and Graff writers from around the world, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, united in the Bronx in an effort to attest graffiti as an art-form and not vandalism. As Cope was buisy during the weekend, he had done his piece a day before. 156 from Montreal came along, Old-School was down to rock some walls. A lot of People came along to chill and to enjoy Graffiti in a peacefull and relaxed vibe up in the Bronx.

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