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14-16 September 2007, Chicago (USA)


14-16 September 2007, Chicago (USA)

chi07fly1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Chicago Hip-Hop is very specific and vibrant. Chicago-Blues. Though the city is buffing and keeps on criminalising Graffiti, writers are hardcore and buisy. The past MOS have shown the strength of the scene; strong words, minds, skills and styles.

The local orga started the week-end of true Hip-Hop- and Graffiti-Flavour with an Art-Show at a Gallery downtown, introducing some of the most up Graf-Artists, such as Hyde or Zore, Demon and many more. Saturday was sunny so writers were ready to catch walls and vibes even before high-noon.


DJ MP and friends were spinning turntables, Graf-Artists from all around Chicago, state and further creating, while rappers rocked the spot. Sunday was the day to finish artworks and to hang out, while the weekend traditionally is closed with an After-Partyat a club where the Knomadz present the Real Underground featuring Ang13, Dr. Who, Blunt Crew and many more.


In Chitown Crews are prioritized, as a group can usually pull off more than an individual. First contact, proven skills, first served: we ask that you send several pictures of your artwork. These will be measured against other flicks, and weighed first on a crew basis. If you are alone, or your crew is not dependable enough, we recommend you link with other individuals that you want to paint with to make a crew for a day.

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Once the meetings begin, it is again first come first served. Those crews who arrive first receive priority. We automatically reserve a certain amount of space for out-of-towners, so that they are guaranteed for their travels. Through the help of a lot of activists of all discplines the Chicago MOS has always been a special Meeting, with Art-Show, Graf-Jam and After-Party.

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