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Meeting Of Styles 2011, “One World, One People”

Meeting Of Styles 2011, “One World, One People”

MOS11fly1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Since 1997 we are keeping it real instead of faking the funk focused on culture instead of commerce… Int. Meeting Of Styles 2011 – “One World, One People!”

“The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”

Thomas Paine

MOS11fly1 MOS11fly2

Have you ever wondered what the world could be like if everything was ‘Open Source’? Can you imagine how the world could come together as one if we all played on the same team? Our current monetary/market system makes us fight with each other because we have no other choice. We are one planet, but even in 2011 humanity is still divided. Citizens of the industrialized nations are benefitting from the exploitation of the world’s majority of people without even noticing it. Everything has its price: Our materialistic way of life, our planet’s health and – ultimately – our children’s future. We have to change.

We must declare all the Earth’s resources as common heritage of all the world’s people and apply the scientific method to social concern – regardless of our beliefs, culture or flag. The Venus Project has the true potential to save Earth and bring the human family together. We are the people of this world… and it is time we take it back. Educate yourself and elevate your mind!

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20 – 22 May 11, Budapest (Hungary)
21 – 22 May 11, Changsha City (China)
17 – 19 June 11, Wiesbaden (Germany)
24 – 26 June 11, Perpignan (France)
01 – 05 Aug 11, Lublin (Poland)
26 – 28 Aug 11, Belgrade (Serbia)
16 – 18 Sept 11, Chicago (USA)
07 – 09 Oct 11, Mexico DF (Mexico)
08 – 09 October 11, London (England)
11 – 13 Nov 11, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
18 – 20 Nov 11, Venice (Italy)

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