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23-26 August 2007, Antwerp (Belgium)

23-26 August 2007, Antwerp (Belgium)

ant07flyer - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The Antwerp-Orga always comes up with new ideas, concepts, content and message. So in double o7. The topic: “Climate Change”. Antwerp has long been an important city in the nations of the Benelux both economically and culturally.

Bird from Antwerp, Graf-Writer and co-organiser had created a basic background-concept to make sure the whole yard and its walls come out tbe one huge production.


Starting in October 2006 Bird already created a theme and visualisation for this year, and then started mailing writers. All writers had only one choice, either to be in or out this project. Non refused, all were very happy with the idea behind it. From that moment on we could start organise everything, from the graffiti part towards music, dj’s, vj’s, hotels, catering and so on, and so on.


The concept for the entire yard walls was underlined by several texts in the background discussing climate change. These texts assume more of a typographic background function, because they will partly be covered by new pieces.
For the 6th time Meeting Of Styles was held in Antwerp with Graffiti on two locations: youth center Kavka (Oudaan 14) main happening, during 4 days writers will work on a huge painting with a topic: Climate change.


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Line-up: Casroc – Waf – Omri – Arkis – Arcenciel Collective +guests – Caz1 – Polak – Linez – Skull – Saik- Fuck1 (B) TCF: Ziml – Seza (Uk) – TPN Pryme – Rocket – Replete – Sune – Rota (UK), Supa (It) DNYE – Zone (Den) 3steps (D) Madamoiselle Kat (F) Versoë (Fin), Nada One and Kika (CH) Focus en Disco Inferno (Phunky-Reus-Ser-Sky92-Telmo) (NL). But thats not all, we had a great side-program at Kavka with every day DJ’s and lot’s of extra stuff: the Movie “Kroonjuwelen”, a graf-movie about Amsterdam, next generation of Antwerp beat box, performance of “Senses Overloaded” , Party-Time and Breakdance-Battle.

For the first time in 3 years we could return to the place where it all started: The Muntplein. nfortunately its not really the way it used to be, back in the days… as due to construction works it isn’t that much space left anymore. But its available!It´s been a super meeting, with a great familiar feeling, quality and atmosphere were very good.
A lot of writers were very happy about the way they were welcomed in Antwerp, how all things were arranged inside and outside the meeting. A lot of positive response of writers and non-writers.

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MOS Orga.

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