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15-17 September 2006, Chicago (USA)


15-17 September 2006, Chicago (USA)

CH04pic4 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Chicago – windy city lying at the shore of the great Lake Michigan, city of Al Capone, Eliott Ness, gangs and culture. Chicago is a quite inspiring place, not only because of the local Hip-Hop, but also because of its vibe.

Here you got to watch out where you move. Two streets down the block and you find yourself in a No-Go-Area. Chicago – city of gangs and mafia. You got to watch out for your style over there. Not because of the writers, but because of the gangsters. You got to be alert that you dont create your style similar to some of the gang-signs.This city has been under control of the Mafia since a long time. Some people say that the clan of the mayor is seriously related to white-collar-crime. The family of the present mayor was running the city for more than 15 years in the latest past.


The city-administration might be corrupted, but not the hip-hop-scene. These people at the great lake are truely into celebrating Hip-Hop-Culture at its finest level. So no wonder that the jam started early on saturday morning. Zore, the local Graffiti-patron had done his burner the night before, as he had to leave saturday early in the morning. SB-Crew had it under control. Beon and Nyke have done a lot to bring you a coloruful nice event.


Walls were primed, the sun was shining, everything ready for the Chicago Blues. Writers came in time, ready and willing to rock the walls with a lot of dope Wild-Style-burners.


Around high-noon the Knomadz put up the sound-system for DJ MP to spin. There have been several walls among several blocks in the neighborhood Little Village. The spot – the Wall Of Styles – is around Kedzie and 30th, near Albany. TMP-Crew came all the way from New York to rock a wall with a homage to Old-School-Train-Graffiti, illustrating a yard with the nice red subways. The DC5 rocked a wall with the best wishes for a friend who has to go to Iraq to fight the war for Cheney, Bush and Co..

CH04pic7 CH04pic8

CH04pic9 CH04pic10

On Saturday the artists interrupted their work very late at night and got back on the scene Saturday noon to finish up.Lots of these dope Chicago-Wild-Style-burners consistet of characters in a very chilly and positive vibe. Sunday evening the MOS festival ended with another dope party at Subterranean Damen-station.
Major Chitwon-Rap-Acts came to celebrate Hip-Hop at its finest. On the mic: Ang13, female Old-School-Writer and Rap-entertainer. Mr. Who of the Blunt Crew in his military boots, Demon of the Knomadz were throwing revolutionary lyrics to raise consciousness.

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Chicago-Rules To Paint: Crews are prioritized, as a group can usually pull off more than an individual. We do not have spaces for individuals. Last year we had to create smaller spaces, which ultimately ended up sloppier, and were the first things buffed. First contact, proven skills, first served: we ask that you send several pictures of your artwork. These will be measured against other flicks, and weighed first on a crew basis. If you are alone, or your crew is not dependable enough, we recommend you link with other individuals that you want to paint with to make a`crew for a day’. Once the meetings begin, it is again first come first served. Those crews who arrive first receive priority. There were many people who contacted us, but did not come to the meeting…their loss.

We automatically reserve a certain amount of space for out-of-towners, so that they are guaranteed for their travels. This year we are asking out-of-towners to also submit work, because the hood needs quality painting when they do not know the painters. This year we are looking at a different location, so there will be less wall space and hopefully more concentrated interaction. Only ten crews and five individuals received paint last year, and this will probably be the case again. The majority of painters had to supply their own paint for their walls. Be prepared to not paint! I am preparing myself, because we have to establish how much space can fit how many writers, and we do not want writers crowding each other. Ultimately there are no promises being made now. We need flicks to put you in a possible rotation. Feel free to send any more questions about MOS Chicago.

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MOS Orga.

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