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14-16 March 2014, Porto Alegre (Brasil)

14-16 March 2014, Porto Alegre (Brasil)

PAL14artwork - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After MOS was kicked off in Rio De Janeiro in 2006 and inspired the creation of the “Meeting Of Favelas”, it moved to Sao Paulo and had a break of several years. Now MOS finally returns to show you the amazing talent of brazilian Graffiti- and Mural-Art. The place to be: Porto Alegre!

The city is the capital and largest city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. With a population of 1.5 million inhabitants it is the tenth most populous city in the country, the centre of Brazil’s fourth largest metropolitan area with 4.4 million inhabitants and one of the top cultural, political and economic centers.

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PAL14flyd - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & GraffitiSoneka (Brasilia), Binho, Truff, Stan Belini, Fred Collors, Nick, Lelin, Carlos Bobi,Rocket Ribeiro, BTS-WS (Sao Paulo), Tosh (Espirito Santo), JotapÍ, Celo, Careca, Trampo, Erick, Holie, Anyo, Grimm, Lidia, Plim, Mariana C., True, Sabrina, Bina, Amaro Abreu (Porto Alegre), Junior Asno, Ges (Pelotas), FPLO (Caxias do Sul), Minhoca (Novo Hamburgo), Drika Chagas (Par), Enetres (Rio Grande),Acme, Marcelo Eco (Rio de Janeiro), Bigod (Bahia), Thiago Alvim, Hisne Leandro, Zack, Viber (Belo Horizonte), Devis, Japem, Auma, Seth (Curitiba), Vejam (Santa Catarina), Wolfgang, Garek, Arteunok, KosDoz (Venezuela), Gris, Numak (Columbia), Salazart, Antisa, Fakeman (Chile), Hado, Mono Wild (Peru), Tasso Mclaim, Yours RZM DBL (Germany), Burg (France), Turkesa (Spain), Alberto Emmanuel-DUX (Mexico),

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Brasil has a very vivid, diverse and active urban-art-scene, the climate towards Mural-Art is very open minded. It was just a matter of time for the Meeting to return. Expect an extraordinary event featuring some of the best brasilian Graffiti-Artists from all over the country!


Originally the chosen spot was a long wall in the harbour area, but the city lately came up with an even more attractive wall which make the event totally independent of the weather. A tunnel in the inner-city-district giving space for approx 100 artists.


The event turned out as a huge success! Artists from all over Brazil, South-America turned the huge underpass into a giant gallery! TV-stations, newspapers spread the word among the whole country.

pal14salazart pal14acme pal14auma pal14tasso pal14binho binaPOA14

Founded in 1772 by immigrants from the Azores, Portugal in the late 19th century the city received many immigrants from other parts of the world, particularly from Germany, Italy, and Poland. The vast majority of the population is of European descent. Porto Alegre has a metropolitan train system called Trensurb, which links downtown to cities to the north of the metropolitan area.

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It has 19 working stations, with a total extension of nearly 40 kilometres, carrying about 130,000 users a day. A metro system inside Porto Alegre is currently planned and it is already subject of much publicity and speculation. However, no project has been approved so far and the beginning of the constructions is yet undefined.


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MOS Orga.

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