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11-13 September 2008, Chicago (USA)

11-13 September 2008, Chicago (USA)

chi08 2webfront - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Our local organisation had organised a weekend full of colours and skills. Intro-Party, two artshows and the live-painting at the famous Wall Of Style, but then the Hurricane came to Texas.
Chicago – windy city at the great lake, city of Al Capone, Eliott Ness, gangs and culture. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), operator of mass transit, is the second largest transit system in the US. It offers bus and rapid transit routes throughout the city, covers city limits and forty surrounding suburbs.

chi08 2webfront - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The CTA’s 1,190 train cars operate over eight routes and 222 miles of track and provide about 650.000 customer trips each day, serving 144 stations. The system is the second largest in the US. Only NY´s MTA is more extensive.

The Art-shows in two different galleries featured a lot of the original Chicago-Graffiti-Artists such as Twister, Zore, Rafa and many more. Beside of these, you could check artworks of Revolt from NYC, Shiro from Japan, Hydeform the Bay-Area. DJs were rocking the turntables, a lot of people came by to enjoy art, chill and chat. “Bode Broads” was part of the shows as tribute to Barbera Bode with works by MARK BODE, KING157, PART, SKOL, RAWFA, ZORE64, STEFSKILLS, HYDE, DGONZ, GTEK and more.

chi08 2webback - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & GraffitiThe jam at daytime kind of dropped into water. Some days before the event a hurricane passed through Texas and brought a weekend full of rain to Chitown. It pretty much rained throughtout the entire weekend, so as a result, some of the artists went to another spot below some train-tracks to get creative and get something done. Right in time, when the working-week started, the nice weather came back and by monday, it got sunny, hot and nice, so artists went back to the MOS-spot to finish their piece of art. Aero from san Diego flew in to Chitwon to participate and my monday showed up with a van to ride with Yama and Yours all the way to the West-coast.

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These Aerosol-Hippies took that van and painted it real hot, so everybody on the road between the Mid and the West got to see the MOS-Van on tour across the US.

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