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Trip63 from Manila (Philippines): “I want to promote the subculture here in my country.”


Trip63 from Manila (Philippines): “I want to promote the subculture here in my country.”

This time MOS introduces one of its own partners, host of MOS Philippines: TRIP63 of Three Flare Krew from Manila.  If you visit Manila aside of MOS, Trip is your man. He runs the wellknown Graf-Store “Carrot Bombing” and therefore has cans, walls and directions. What else can you wish for?

“My name has no particular meaning but 63 is the international dialing number for the Philipines. I started painting in 2008, Graffiti is a fun activity and a profession at the same time. I got involved with Meeting Of Styles through a friend who runs MOS China. Touch asked me if I can handle MOS Philippines. Thats how it started. MOS means a lot especially for the Philippine Graffiti scene, I want to promote the subculture here in my country.”

Social media?
There’s pros and cons about social media and Graffiti. Pro, easy to communicate with other graff writers. Con, a lot of people bite styles on what they see in social media.

Special about your Graffiti-scene?
The people, Filipinos are well known for the over the top hospitality, we might not have the best styles but we have the best traits.


Street art and big scale muralismo?
Its fine, but Graffiti (stytlewriting) will always be different.

Dislike about Graffiti?
Beef and biting of styles


Love about Graffiti?
The worldwide network of writers

Your personal situation affect your Graffiti?
Yes, as you grow old you get different priorities in life.


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President or king, what would you change?
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Any message?
Big ups to MOS worldwide

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