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Bato, Quezon City (Philippines): “A good event from the guys from the streets!”

Bato, Quezon City (Philippines): “A good event from the guys from the streets!”

Batoweb3 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Bato PSP/JKS/GAK from Quezon and Valenzuela City will participate at Meeting Of Styles Manila. Check out his words and meet him at MOS Philippines. “I have been painting for 8 years. Graffiti to me is Graffiti, it is passion not just fun, dedication must be given to it.”

Social media?
Social media has its pros and cons in terms of Graffiti. Influences are available, video tutorials are accessible, but in the contrary writers just make a piece and then they fish for likes and comments online, not like back in the days when you hit up walls and it is up for society to see.

Special about your Graffiti-scene?
I can say Graffiti in Manila is  still is its early years, but yet very thankful to other writers and artists that keep the scene alive. There are cities that are very strict when it comes to Graffiti, some are just chill, laid back. But the hard thing to deal in each city are the “barangays” (Barrios or hood).


Street art and big scale muralismo?
Big scale walls… not yet here in PH. Sponsorships and walls for large scale murals are hard to find here.S treet art, design and graphics add up more elements to spice up the trad writing styles, new styles emerge from the fusion from different disciplines. Fusions of different disciplines will incorporate as well as technology. Hopefully the scene will bloom in a way that every writer new and old ones will benefit from

Dislike about Graffiti?

Love about Graffiti?


Your style in music?
Frantic-Metallica the line:“ My lifestyle, determines my death style”

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Your personal situation affect your Graffiti?
Well sort of, but I am a full time artist so maybe a little bit.

What do you think about Meeting of Styles?
A good event of the streets from the guys from the streets

Here is a link to one of our videos:

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