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Taye SHS from Shanghai (China): “Always more writers, but walls are never enough.”

Taye SHS from Shanghai (China): “Always more writers, but walls are never enough.”

Taye2 1024x683 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

In this series we will present selected artists from all over the world who may be met at this or that Meeting Of Styles. This time we shot some questions to China´s Taye.


My tag derived from my first online game account name. I start painting when I was a child roughly around 2009/2010 learning design at my college. It gave me a lot of painting basics, lots of ideas and I was able to carry out my thoughts. I combine painting and design to create Graffiti works and I think professionalism is very important.

What do you think about social media in terms of Graffiti?

It promotes communication and represent a huge underground world in the internet. It will produce a new style, some surprising things and new art forms.


Whats special about your home city and Graffiti-scene?

There is not much graffiti yet as it develops less than 10 years. Teenagers like it very much and you can see some illegal Graffiti. It appears in many businesses and often is used to attract customers. Camera systems are huge and the train cleaners are very diligent, the buff starts before 9:00 AM.

How do you see the rising of street art?

I like Street Art if the idea is cool. New tendencies are the inevitable trend of the future and always push Graffiti to new levels. It links society and the crowd and creates interaction. Some Street Art leads people to think about social, environmental, sutvival matters. It´s not just visual representation. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a work is art or design, the boundaries have been broken.

How do you imagine the Graffiti scene ten years from now, with all the technology invading us?

Technology made us loose some sites. Technology is a tool and may help to search yards, empty spaces and walls in digital maps. It may help to show your works of the streets and to communicate with the world.


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Name the aspects you dislike about Graffiti
The toys who don`t care about respect.

Name the aspects you love about Graffiti
Outside and action. Brings vitality for us.

If you were president or king, what would you do and change?
Break the chinese fire wall to able to communicate with all people from all over the world.

Meeting of Styles is great and interesting. It always has more and more writers, but the walls are never enough.


Author: MoS

MOS Orga.

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