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Napper RPG TFK from Taguig (Philippines): “MOS serves us”

Napper RPG TFK from Taguig (Philippines): “MOS serves us”

Napper ATT00011 1130x650 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Originally I wrote Nap, my nickname . I started writing way back 2010. I usually do naps, no complete 8 hours of sleep cause of school and shit and whenever I go to sleep a flood of ideas surges into my brain, but then I felt it was too short so I changed it to Napper. It’s still describing myself so I sticked with it. Graffiti is a way of life, you can never tame it, it is an art form in which both writers and letters are constanly evolving. For me Graffiti should always be fun.

Social media?

Social media is a tool which helps us reach other writers from distant parts of the globe, but some toy uses it to post works to get fame which is lame. In the right hands social media is a great tool of communication and promoting ones works. We just need to use them wisely.

Home city and Graffiti-scene?

Taguig is special it embraces the art, the Graffiti scene here is popped from tags, throws to pieces, its active. Some beefs come up whenever new toys mess with the legits, but hey it always has been. Yet the crews here show lots of respect to one onther, maintain peace and respect. Illegal scene here is boomed again, tags and throws everywhere from slaps, markers, mops, inks, streakers, paints you name it. Much love and respect to LHB and LSD crews for always flooding the city with their works. System charges penalties that ranges from 500 to 1000USD but you can always bribe yourself around whenever you get caught.

Street art and big scale muralismo?

I see it as a bridge, a way of reaching out to the public, making them see works on a large scale to relay the message to them that we are here, we are not to be ignored and we will coninue to do works. Making them see it then anwers their questions explaining what is it that they see and why we are doing it.

Graffiti in ten years?

For the illegal part, a lot harder, specially when cctv cameras are all over the place, but again if there’s a will there is a way. I know we’ll still find ways to do it. For the pieces i think future public will appreciate it, except for the governmant of course. More styles will come out and new writters will be owning it.

Dislike about Graffiti?

Beef, hate and fame

Love about Graffiti?

Being creative, having a life to live life, feeling the thrill, love and respect

Your style in music?

Tinta by Gloc 9

Your personal situation affect your way of doing Graffiti?

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jahone6 720x650 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Yeah work, the threat of being caught. Unlike before I never worry, but now i have a day job which in some way limits me, but also helps me thirst for more and to think of tactics on how to do it. It’s a double edged sword I guess.

Most annoying of presence?

Controlled-content media

President or king, what would you do and change?

Penalties against Graffiti related issues.

Meeting of Styles?

Meeting of Styles is a movement that is really something good, helping writers from place to place to gather up and showcase their styles. It’s sharing knowledge and stories, MOS serves us, it’s really something amazing!

Author: MoS

MOS Orga.

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