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Meeting of Styles Global Update

Meeting of Styles Global Update

MOS MEX ESTIMER WEEN - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Updates to the MOS Application Process – A New Era coming into sight

Meeting of Styles has been growing throughout decades featuring thousands of artists from all over the world. Before implementing the new application process, it took us countless hours to review incoming emails with megabytes of photos attached, to reply, and to update about further progress. Summarizing the email communication of all national organizers every year it was several thousand emails of communication and hundreds of hours spent.

Creating a profile to apply

The application process implemented in 2020 was very helpful to reduce the time spent on emails. Time we could use for organization details instead. Now in 2022, we are introducing an improved and updated process with a couple of new features.

Instead of registering once and applying for a maximum of three MOS now, we inspire you to create a profile. This profile, once created, enables you to apply to any open call for artists, both this year and in the future. We invite you to keep your profile updated as we are planning more features.

However, hosting so many profiles and photos are expensive, so soon we’ll also ask you to donate a symbolic amount of money to keep your profile active. This way we can continue to grow without compromising our events to pay for online hosting.

The Meeting of Styles community map

Making profiles provides us with many interesting opportunities. We want to connect artists, both for events and for informal travels.

This year we will be announcing a map of many of our active MOS artists from all over the world. This feature will show registered and active artists on a map. Of course, only those who choose to be a part of it!

Taking networking one step further

When the map is online and working, we want to take the next step. As the next extension of the process, we are planning to establish a worldwide MOS-Networking-Community!

This network will enable you to browse the names of hundreds and thousands of registered artists from all continents and offers the opportunity to reach out to artists to connect for collaboration and travel.

Are you planning a tour in South America, Asia, the US, or Europe?

Browse the artists, reach out, and get connected!

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This is the true Meeting of Styles spirit, and we’re very excited to make it happen! Today, we’re the largest street art organization in the world, and we’re proud of it. It shows that connecting artists for informal gatherings, run by passionate volunteer organizers can make a huge impact. We hope you want to join us in continuing this legacy.

Let’s provide a place for graffiti and street art where Peace, Unity, Love, and having fun is the foundation!

New or unsure about attending a Meeting of Styles gathering?

We do things a little differently. For those of you unsure about the Meeting of Styles way of doing gatherings, here are some basics.

When you apply for a Meeting of Styles event you can expect:

  • MOS is a network of dedicated Graffiti-Artists and -Lovers offering the opportunity to travel and to connect with people on a global basis
  • MOS does not cover any travel expenses or fees
  • Coverage of accommodation is depending on the local situation in terms of sponsoring and funds. While most organizations can offer free accommodation it may happen that a national organizer is not able to provide it for free, but in this case, offers help in finding secure and cheap lodging
  • After applying and if you are accepted for participation, you will receive an email confirmation. No acceptance means no email confirmation
  • MOS on a national basis provides the infrastructure and materials to present your art
  • MOS internationally offers you connection, exposure, a space to develop and experiment with others; and the opportunity to make friends all over the world!
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