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Kober from Mexico DF (Mexico): “Graffiti is art and unites people”


Kober from Mexico DF (Mexico): “Graffiti is art and unites people”

This time we introduce you Kober from Mexico City who will be attending the Meeting Of Styles Germany. “I write Kober and I am from Mexico City. I started to do Graffiti in 1997 and got my tag from a friend. Painting is very important to me because it is a way to express feelings and be yourself. Graffiti is my way of living, it is my religion, my culture. I love Graffiti.”

MOS? Meeting of Styles is a noble event which gives us the opportunity to meet friendly countries and to paint with many super talented people with important results with all. I love MOS!

Inspriations? Graffiti opens doors to many places and cultures without religion or classes. Graffiti is art and unites people! I am inspired by my ancestors, my friends Koka, Smug, Belin and others.

Street art and big scale muralismo? Street art is the best because you can take any wall as a canva. The size, a building or factory with large dimensions makes it a mural. Any tendency I think is fine. The important thing is to keep innovating.

Dislike about Graffiti? Envy, if guys believe that they are better but only paint a few years. Even when persons just began to paint, all deserve equal treatment and support which is not always the case.

Love about Graffiti? To know places and people, travel the world, culture, food. To know and learn more of people and to be better every day. I love you so much Graffiti that I live this! Its my life!

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MOS have a long life and success! It is the best Graffiti-event! Check my facebook- or instagram-profile for Kober Graff!

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