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Dan K from London (UK) “It’s the best thing in the world!”

Dan K from London (UK) “It’s the best thing in the world!”

dankh - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

From London UK we proudly present you DAN K wellknown for his original “rainy night”-style. He will be attending Meeting Of Styles in Wiesbaden (Germany)

My Artist name is my name DAN K, I wanted to keep it simple! I have been painting all my life, ever since a child I have been drawing and painting. When i was 16 I picked up spray cans, and painted for a while, but it never really worked for me, then recently maybe 10 years so i picked up cans again, and haven’t stopped painting since! Graffiti is everything to me, it’s my whole life, all I do, 7 days a week, eat, sleep and breath paint (should wear my mask more!).


Meeting Of Styles?

I love it, i remember years back seeing the events in the UK, and wanted to be part of it, then was invited to MOS London a few years back and was so excited to be painting at such a well known and great event, have painted three ties at MOS London, so doing MOS Wiesbaden is fanatic, very exciting!


Social media?

It’s great as it allows people to share their work and inspire others.



Everything, life, cities, chaos and bustle of everyday life, particularly lighting and mood / atmosphere…i try to make my work come alive, and have a sense of story, narrative and being in a moment…i focus on lighting for this…something i have been fascinated with for years!


Rising of street art, new tendencies like big scale muralismo?

It’s great overall , but it seems that murals are getting bigger and bigger, and this isn’t necessarily good, because often scale can dominate content, so painting something huge rather than thinking about whats being painted and does it need to be that big….painting a bad image 100m high, doesn’t make it good! I love painting large spaces if my subject suits it, but i also like painting smaller spaces where i  can focus more on subtly and nuances and details…it doesn’t always have to be epic…it need to be considered more perhaps.


Dislikes about Graffiti

Haters, people that destroy work for no reason other than destruction…..

 Likes about Graffiti

The people who paint, so much creativity, energy, positivity, and great people i am lucky to meet all over the world, seeing how people paint, and just being part of these huge creative endeavours is amazing…what a fanatic way to spend your time, with like minded creative people, painting….it’s the best thing in the world!


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Your style in music? Band or song?

Epic, sweeping film soundtracks……maybe like Hans Zimmer / Batman returns soundrack????

President or king, what would you change?

I really don’t like political questions, my politicks are irrelevant to my art / work…. i would rather focus my energy on skill on something i can tangibly achieve, making walls look beautiful, which hopefully can improve areas, and then in turn make people smile….thats better use of my time and energy….

danke ( really needs updating!!! )



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