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Cayn Sanchez, Petados Crew from Barcelona (Spain): “MOS is a celebration of Graffiti”

Cayn Sanchez, Petados Crew from Barcelona (Spain): “MOS is a celebration of Graffiti”

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My name is Cayn Sanchez. When I was born my father wanted to call me Cayn and my mother Borja. My mother won, but I kept my father’s choice as my aka. When I was a teenager I discovered Hip Hop and I loved all its artistic expressions. I started painting in 1999 in Barcelona and I never stopped since then.

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It all started when I became friends with a guy in my high school who used to paint. He knew I was interested and he told me to join him. The mess I made that day taught me that I had to improve very much if I wanted to be any good. Even though lately I paint characters, realism and/or portraits I like to do different things and try different styles and techniques every now and then. Graffiti has its own history related to a certain style which has to be respected. Artistically I think about Graffiti as the technique of spray painting which has limitless options. And personally I consider it the best way to spend a weekend with friends. I remember being a teenager and see pictures of the Meeting of Styles in magazines. I was amazed! Meeting of Styles is the most classic Graffiti event that I know. It is a celebration of Graffiti and an opportunity to create links within the community.

I am inspired by many things. Conceptually by things that bug me; mainly politics. Visually by other art, artists or nature. And emotionally by music. Big walls are very appealing to me but mostly I am attracted by abandoned structures. Concerning big scale muralism, I think it is good that there is a tendency in urbanism to understand that art should be art of urban space. Street art for me is the use of different tools to create an image in a wall. Like Graffiti or like oil painting it can be shitty or it can be awesome. It depends on the artwork.

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I dislike two aspects about Graffiti: The underrepresentation of women in Graffiti. And the misconception that Graffiti is less important than other disciplines in art. Artwork should be appreciated regardless of the medium. In art, like in everything else, status quo is just stupid. What I love about Graffiti is spending time in the street, painting and enjoying the environment. I love the camaraderie among writers in general and the friends I got thanks to that in particular. And last but not least, I love that it is a game that never stops. I will never get bored of it. There is always something new to improve, to develop or to play with. The most annoying thing of present time for me is the lack of empathy. The system which we live in is based on personal success even though as humans we are a social specie which thrives in community. Emotional education should be a priority. Thanks for the interest!

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