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24-26 September 2004, LOS ANGELES (USA)

24-26 September 2004, LOS ANGELES (USA)

US04fly1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Originally the Meeting was scheduled to happen in San Francisco, but due politics it was not possible to do it there. Luckily we could switch the venue to Los Angeles.

Lax04pic1The spot of the LA break down was at 7562 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles in an alley behind Workmens. The weather was great as well as the vibe.


Got there early in the morning, the entire alley was crowded with active writers and writers who came just to meet people and to hang out.




Walls were already about to be primed, artists started to rock. People came by watching and everything was pretty chill!  Later the day bike-cops came by asking for the permission. “Hey Johnny. You know something about 30 Graffiti-Writers in an alley at Melrose?” one of them asked in his walkie-talkie.




When the cops came by, everybody was hiding the beer. Looked funny. “No problem Jim, the guys have a permission.” So everything was chill. The cops were quite curious, asking questions and wondering how Graf is being done.

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 The old LA-Hall-Of-Fame “Belmont”-Tunnel with more than 1000qm wallspace located near downtown LA was still available to paint in 2004.This is the spot wherewhere the famous Hex/Slick-Battles happened back in the days. The city planed to demolish it and to create some buildings.


LA is a crazy place. The public transport-system is weak, only busses run, no subway. LA is so spread that without a car you are lost out there. You drive through and you can find huge wall-producitons here or there. LA-graf-scene is pretty big and strong. Similar story like in many cities all over the planet.

Some upshowing writers: Aero, Zore, TKO-Crew, Sever, Fear, Anger, Gigs, Vox, Sherm, Mediah, Yours (Germany), Nada One (Switzerland) and more.

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