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21-23 April 2017, Manila (Philippines)

21-23 April 2017, Manila (Philippines)

MNL17grfx2web - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The Philippines are currently a hot placegoing through a rough and tough time, more or less like other places in this crazy world. Nevertheless Carrot Bombing keeps on hosting the MOS and brings artists from all over Asia and half of the world together to bring more colours into this world.
Manila is the capital and second largest city of the Philippines. It is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, is the second most populous city in the Philippines, behind Quezon City and and has a total population of 1.6 mill in 2010 census.
MNL17grfx2web MNL17grfxweb2
It is one of the sixteen cities which, along with the municipality of Pateros, make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, whose overall population is around 12 million.

As you can see the spot has a lot of wallspace with big and nice walls.

The populace inhabit an area of only 38.55 square kilometres (14.88 sq mi), making Manila the most densely populated city in the world.
It’s that time of year again where the biggest international annual graffiti jam ‘Meeting Of Styles’ sets foot inside the Philippines. The line-up was huge and featured artists from countries all around the world such as China, United Kingdom, Japan, USA, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Vietnam, France and Korea as well as many local artists from around the Philippines. Underground Kulture had made the trip to take part, enjoy and report on this successful graffiti event.

This year the event was being held at the official sponsor ‘Task Us’ parking grounds on Aurora BLVD in Quezon City, which is a metropolis that makes up part of Metro Manila. It is a busy area with traffic moving snail paced, as expected most days in Manila where it is not uncommon for a 2-hour journey to travel just a few km. With commuters squashed inside kitsch decorated Jeepneys (the most popular means of transport in the Philippines) which have now become a ubiquitous symbol of Filipino culture. Read the full story at undergroundkulture!

Manila currently ranks as the most densely populated city in the world.
For participation and details please contact our local organiser at
MOSPHICheck the facebook-page!
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MOS Orga.

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