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19-21 September 2003, New York City (USA)


19-21 September 2003, New York City (USA)

After meeting Cern YMI at the irish MOS in 2002, he brought the idea up to bring the Meeting over to the mecca of Graf. It was a challenge to bring it over, but Cern`s engagement, love and passion for the cutlure made it possible and it worked out pretty fresh.

The spot for the Meeting was located in an industrial-area in Brooklyn, Greenpoint. Several walls were available.

The huge main-wall, some walls around plus two bigger walls at the base – a yard where a soundsystem was put. Originally we planned to do a second MOS in Philadelphia, but due to our tight budget we had to cancel it. Nevertheless, with almost nothing our partners YMI made the first MOS in USA possible.

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Many artists from Europe came over to work with US-artists. MAC-crew from Paris, Porno Stars from Spain, Enorm, Biser, Index from Germany meeting with Cope2, T-Kid, YMI-Crew, Robots Will Kill and many more. About 500 people came to enjoy, to chill and to connect.

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