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14-16 June 2013, Wiesbaden (Germany)

14-16 June 2013, Wiesbaden (Germany)

WSB13Posterweb1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Wiesbaden stays on track! This year has been no doubt that the city of Wiesbaden supports the Meeting Of Styles in its hometown. The local organisation comes up with some interesting and extra-ordinary attractions.

14 – 16 June 2013 – Int. Meeting Of Styles, Brückenkopf Mainz-Kastel

The youth-department of the city of Wiesbaden has always been a major supporter of all local Graffiti-projects and helped to lay the basics to build the MOS, but eventhough every past year the question was if the council would fund the local Meeting or not. This year, for a long time, there was no doubt that the city supports the MOS.


May be a sign of increasing appreciation and respect? Time will tell. However, backed up by the city of Wiesbaden, the local councils of Kastel and Kostheim, JuZ Reduit, our sponsors, supporters and countless artists we are happy to present you a weekend packed of colours, moves, beats and rhymes!

Fr., 14 June 2013 – MOS Meet & Greet, Kontext Wiesbaden

After opening the day at the underpass complex starting the walls, friday evening Kontext Wiesbaden offers the occasion to “Meet & Greet” the artists at the official opening-party. Two stops down the train, a short walk of the main train station and the famous Schlachthof-grounds.

For 17th time in Wiesbaden, for the 9th time in Kastel MOS Germany bringing artists from the farest west to the farest east together to meet, to connect and to cooperate beyond all cultural and national limitations.

On The Walls, all weekend:
Leza, Seone, Keib (Geneva/Switzerland), Dilom (Burgas/Bulgaria), Odeith, Vile, Nomen of Legionarios (Lisbon/Portugal), Noble, Aker, Ypso of Colourkings (Barcelona/Spain), Ogr42 & Tempz (Poland) ColourKings (Barcelona/Spain), Mr. Woodland (Munich/Germany), Dilom (Burgas/Bulgaria), Milu Correch (B Aires/Argentina), CRZ (Chicago/USA), Zero & MP3 (Italy), Naris, Crax, Stier of MOS-Orga. Lublin, Org42 & Tempz (Poland), Siuz, El Gerino, 5711 of In Muris Veritas (Austria), Zmogk, Pacer, Retro, Swamp (Russia), Petadores (Barcelona/Spain), MasOne (Tel Aviv/Israel), Minsk (Sydney), Cyber (Melbourne/Australia), KozDos (Caracas/Venezuela), Jackson Brum & Lucas NLC (Porto Allegra/Brazil),

On The Floor, Saturday 1700h

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alm02poster - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Sorrow Crew (Frankfurt/Aschaffenburg), Dope Roc (Frankfurt), True Rokin Soul (Mannheim), GravenBreaX (Offenbach), Rhein-Main-Rockers and more.

On The Mics, Saturday 2000h: MC Nightwalker (NYC)
On The Turntables: DJ Saje, Short-Cut plus special guest with a bag full of vinyl straight from Chicago DJ Ambideckstricks

Saturday, 15th June 2013 – Reggae – Dancehall As part of the german Meeting Of Styles we present you Reggae-Dancehall at its finest! Peter Lloyd, Marlene Johnson, Rebellion Recaller, Irie Vibes Soundsystem. Opens 18.00h, starts 18.30h, costs 8€.

No painting without notification!!! Line-Up is closed!

Author: MoS

MOS Orga.

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