Wall Street Meeting “Destroy and Rebuild” – The Book


The book about the history of the legendary Wall Street Meeting is now out! In the years from 1997-2001 the WSM has developed into the biggest Graffiti-Festival of its time. This book illustrates the history on 284 pages infull color with photos, stories and quotes.


In the years 1997-2001 the international Wall Street Meeting in Wiesbaden (Germany) was considered the biggest and freshest Graffiti-Festival among Europe. In the years of existence it wellcomed hundreds and thousands of artists and spectators from all over the world to enjoy art in the process of creation. The newly released book is focussed on the legendary Wall Street Meetings and contains unplubished walls, photos and artworks from the Tops of the Pops from now and then!

This book is the kick-off of a series of books about the Meeting of Styles documenting all events starting from back in 2002 until present time highlighting all the massive walls!

284 pages
A4 landscape
Now available!

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