The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170




The Nasty “Terrible” T-KID 170 is the autobiography of graffiti writer Julius Cavero aka T-KID 170.
This autobiography chronicles the life of a gang member, turned graffiti artist and style mentor for urban youth—the uncensored Bronx hip-hop story. During a gang shoot-out in a local park, Julius Cavero suffered three shots to the leg, one nearly severing his major artery. Left for dead, by gang rivals and so-called comrades; T-Kid survived the ordeal only to come face-to-face with 3 weeks of intensive surgical procedures.

In those three weeks, Julius Cavero sketched, endlessly. It was there that he chose to become T-KID 170—T for the tall and skinny look he had, and KID just because that’s what so many people called him. At that moment, Julius Cavero gave up gang life for a new vocation. T-Kid would now focus on art, specifically street art: GRAFFITTI.

The Nasty “Terrible” T-KID 170 retraces his life from the early 1960s to 2005 through his written accounts and artwork, including images of painted trains, walls, canvases, drawings, and sketches produced over the last thirty years. Few artists today can tell a tale like T-KID’s—a ghetto childhood, gangbanging, and daring feats of graffiti. Many who lived in such times either left their lives or their art behind. T-KID, who won fame early on, lived to tell the tale and withstood the test of time.

A time – journey through the life of T-KID, the wild era of New York and the beginning of the graffiti and hip hop culture in the South Bronx.

“Very few writers survived the voyage from gangs to Hip Hop, as we now know it. Those who did, carry hard earned patches and metals of honor fastened on their hearts. These highly decorated soldiers are human embodiments of today’s most influential cultural movement. They carry the history and legacy of countless warriors. From this long line of folk heroes came the notorious Terrible T-Kid 170, one of The Nastiest Boyz on the scene.”
PopMaster Fabel

“I think T-Kid was a major stylist in New York in the early 1980’s and an important voice. He pushed the envelope very far although his work is still very close to graffiti. People where blown away by how avant-garde he was in the graffiti scene. He is still a big influence around the world.”
Henry Chalfant

“T-Kid wouldn’t be T-Kid without the whole package that comes along with the character. He has been through so much stuff in his life. I used to sit with him and listen to his stories. It’s about time people give him what he deserves, as far as I am concerned, he is a real urban legend.”

format 22,5 x 30 cm, 200 pages
ca. 500 illustrations, 5 colour print
hardcover (incl. embossed printing)
& dustcover / stitch binding
text by Julius Cavero
photographs by Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, T-KID and others

ISBN 978-3-937946-11-5 (English Edition)
ISBN 978-3-937946-12-2 (French Edition)

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