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Nexer From Paris (France): “Graffiti for me is an opportunity to surpass yourself”


Nexer From Paris (France): “Graffiti for me is an opportunity to surpass yourself”

Physically present at MOS Germany we are happy to present you dope styler Nexer, who started writing in 2006 in the suburbs of Paris. Check out the person behind and some of his amazing works!

“Hi, I’m Nexer, a member of the crews VEC, and GAME. I chose the name Nexer for The X in the middle who give a mirror effect and dynamic. I started drawing my name during Philosophy class. Couple of years later I did my first tags on the way beetwen home and school. Seeing other names and connected, I got my first cans and did first pieces – unforgettable moments, the drips, the smell of the old MTN cans… nothing more needed to make the magic happen. In 2013 I joined Art Osons, an organisation who promotes Graffiti culture, thanks to Shuz! It made it possible for me to paint a lot, get a lot of cans so I could work on my effects, trying portraits, background etc.

My style is a combination of readability and effect, as if the letters really exist. So I chose my colors to have realist light and shadows but i tried to keep the parisian Graffiti soul in my style, clear letters, not too wild. I prefer to put my crazyness in the effect, bubbles,breaks, drips etc. Graffiti, for me, it s an opportunity to surpass yourself, to face your limits and explore. We have the opportunity to connect with lot of people from various horizons, and Meeting of style is perfect for that, people from all around the world, coming together through the same culture. And put our best on a wall!

I get my inspiration by looking and studying a lot of various things : nature, architecture, design, cartoon, etc. My biggest influences are as much recognized Kings and unkown people, toys, an old man doodling on political campaign poster. All colors are beautifull.

Eternal debate about Street art/Graffiti, i can take a visual slap by both, but the spirit is very different. Graffiti is about freedom, Street Art is sanitized to please the viewer. Large scale muralismo is the icing on the cake, the Saint Graal. The possibility to paint a massive piece on a building is one of the best feelings that i had. You can add lot of details, and your painting vibrates in the environement (so few letters… Big up Rasko, Boogie, 1UP and all other who put up big letters on massive buildings.

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I dislike about Graffiti the ego, vampires, fake mates, a can that clogs but I love the connection, travel and all weird opportunities. Most annoying thing of present time for me is everyone running after money. Big respect to all of the MOS Squad, all people who puts Graffiti to another level!

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