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18-19 June 2004, GOTHENBURG (SWEDEN)

18-19 June 2004, GOTHENBURG (SWEDEN)

got04fly - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

It is hard to find good spots in Scandinavia as well as sunny weather. But we did find a good spot in “Goeteborg” -the second biggest city in Sweden. Unfortunately, the sky was not really on our side, so by friday there was more rain than sun. Saturday started the same style, but later the day it became more dry.

At least it turned out to be a nice event. While it was raining friday and saturday morning the exhibition -Everwanting Streets- at Röda Sten has spent nice shelter. Total wallspace was approx 900 squaremeters and due to the weather-conditions unfortunately not completely painted.


Special woodwalls were built up for the W4G. More than 50 internationally active artists came to Göteborg to participate in the Everwanting Streets project – an extraordinary exhibition that has shown many innovative skills from classical Graffiti-Art over to Street-Art. On the walls: Dirty, Zdad, Unik (Stockholm), Ians (Gävle), X-man, Zappa (Goeteborg), Bah, Focuz (Holland), Casroc (Belgium), Penis( Wiesbaden), CMP, Spin (Denmark), Tiger(Malmö) Ridder, Jame, Exem (Oslo), Alma(Lund).

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