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21-23 July 2017, Copenhagen (Denmark)

21-23 July 2017, Copenhagen (Denmark)

CPH17grafix - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Oh yes! – Meeting Of Styles Copenhagen is back, rockin’ Pumpehuset, in the heart of Copenhagen, 3rd year in a row with the most incredible line-up! Once again we’ll bring you artist from all over the world, ready to amaze you with their different styles, spanning wide from mind blowing 3d painters over the wondrous wildstyle artists and the photo realistic phenomena to the classic letter aficionados.

- Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & GraffitiMEETING OF STYLES COPENHAGEN presents:

Alexander Witting – Art & Illustration (Denmark), Appear37 (Sweden), Bane (Sweden), Art Of Brandon Lewis (US), Big M (Sweden), Caligr (France), Cheat (Sweden), Cokestd (Hungary), Coze (Italy), Core246 (Spain), Cream (Sweden), Crem (Denmark), Dake (Chile), DEFX (Denmark), djalouz (France)Doits 34,  (Czech Republic), Eklor (France), Enias (Denmark), GAMS (France), Gorestyles (Sweden), Gouge Art (Sweden), Hetus (Sweden), Himed&Reyben (Mexico), Holem (France), iamsuzie (Hungary), Irene (Argentina), Jeks (Sweden), Joshila Dhaby Artist (Mauritius), KARS (Peru), Kiss (Sweden), Mech (Sweden), Name (Denmark), Nasca 1 (Germany), Pesca (France), Porno (Australia), Rasmus Balstrøm art (Denmark)Real143,  (Czech Republic)S.Kape289,  (Germany), Sabeth (Australia), SeaPuppy (Denmark), Sens (Mexico), Seone (Switzerland), Skize (Sweden), Sock (France), Tonek (Denmark), Victoriano Art (Spain), WEB3 (Italy), Welin (Denmark), Zyes (Czech Republic)

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Where? – Pumpehuset, Studiestræde 52, 1554 Kbh V
When? – 21st – 23rd of July
Why? – The 50+ reasons described above ↑ and it’s FREE!

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