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08-10 August 2003, Belchatow (Poland)

08-10 August 2003, Belchatow (Poland)

BEL03fly - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

In 2003 the polish MOS was originally scheduled in Lodz, but due to election of new mayor, we didn´t get a permission, so we had to move 35km south to Belchatow. The spot was located in the center of the city in a nice little park with a central stage.

Łódź Province is a province in central Poland and named after its capital Lodz. It includes 43 cities with a total population of 2.5millions while Belchatow has about 60.000 inhabitants making it a small, but nice city.

BEL03flyBeside of a relaxed atmosphere, an openminded attitude concerning Graffiti and a lot of socialistic housingprojects, the city has the largest coal fueled thermal power plant in Europe. Eventhough we had to move the venue, a lot of artists from all over Poland made a long way to participate at the event. Beside of Graffiti there was a large program including beatbox, breakdancing and rapshows. Beside of polish rappers, Jizny Pioneer made the way from Czech. Rep. to rock the mics.


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flyer MOS BELARUS front - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

All days long the artists worked on their murals while at night polish rappers and breakdancers took over the scene. Not to forget the mad beatbox-crew qwith their unique skills. About 40 artists from all over Poland and 10 from Germany made the walls look pretty fresh. Amount of visitors over two days: 2000

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