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01-02 August 2009, Belfast (Ireland)

01-02 August 2009, Belfast (Ireland)

BEL09flyweb 724x1024 1 - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

Ireland is an interesting place to be, the spot unique and historical. Ireland was one of the first countries to join the MOS back in 2002. If everything works out, this could be a very special event, you shouldn´t miss.

It hasn´t been easy to get the MOS on, but finally it worked out. By the help of the local people, we are proud to be able to paint one of the most historical and political walls of Europe. Let´s get together in the spirit of colaboration and enjoy the turn of grey into colours.


The place to be: the famous Peace-Wall of Belfast. Off Larnock Way in the Shankill district, west Belfast. This road also runs parallel to the Springfield Road.The jam went perfect! There was some rain on Saturday but Sunday was sunshine and pretty much everyone who confirmed would come showed up!The locals of the neighborhood were very happy and now well over half the wall is covered in pieces and productions .


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Many many tourists came by and stopped to talk with the artists, as did the local kids and overall there was a much bigger reaction than the first time the wall got painted . Its crazy but now when u drive by the walls it seems to have become smaller with all the pieces on it. Also it has made the traffic go slower as they look at the art, which is a good thing!

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MOS Orga.

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