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What is the $10 Annual Membership for Meeting of Styles?

The $10 Annual Membership for Meeting of Styles is a subscription plan that offers various benefits and opportunities for graffiti artists worldwide.

What are the benefits of the Annual Membership?

The Annual Membership provides the following benefits:
Unlimited Artist Applications: Members can apply to participate in Meeting of Styles events worldwide without any restrictions, giving them more opportunities to showcase their talent on an international platform.

Networking with International Graffiti Artists: Members gain access to a private messaging system, enabling them to connect and collaborate with other graffiti artists from around the world, fostering a global artistic community.

Publish Your Own Work: As a member, you can showcase and promote your own artwork on the Meeting of Styles platform, reaching a broader audience and gaining recognition for your talent.

Create Your Own Artist Profile: The Annual Membership allows artists to create a personalized artist profile on the Meeting of Styles website, providing a dedicated space to showcase their portfolio and artistic journey.

How can I sign up for the Annual Membership?

To become a member, simply visit the Meeting of Styles website and navigate to “Apply now -> Artist Application” in the Mainmenu” or follow the Links in the Footer. Otherwise you can also find all the necessary links on the network page.

Is the Annual Membership open to all artists?

Yes, the Annual Membership is open to graffiti artists worldwide. Whether you are an established artist or an aspiring talent, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by the membership.

Can I cancel my Annual Membership at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your Annual Membership at any time. However, please note that refunds are generally not provided for partial periods, so it’s recommended to utilize the membership benefits for the entire annual period.

What should I do when errors or problems occur?

Please send a screenshot and a short description to


After 25 years of building MOS we have now turned MOS from an informal organisation into a registered non-profit organisation under german law with a constitution and membership fees. Our purpose is selfless and unselfish, it does not aim to generate surpluses. The membership fees will be primarily used to cover the webservices necessary to maintain and to develop the website. Any surpluses that arise will be used for statutory purposes and to help MOS events tight in budget (for example covering costs for materials, infrasctucture, accomodation etc). This way by your help MOS eventually becomes its own sponsor in the future. 

The detailed purpose of the association is:

– promotion of urban arts and cultures

– promotion of youth welfare

– promotion of international youth and artist encounters and exchanges

– promotion of international cooperation between artists and organizations in the field of art and culture as well as the organization and implementation of corresponding projects and festivals

The purpose is implemented through:

– organization and implementation of projects involving teenagers, young adults and artists, beautification projects involving artists, national and international artist encounters, and the creation and maintenance of an internet platform to promote networking and exchange between artists at national and international levels.

– workshops in the areas of dance, music and art as well as participation in the implementation of projects.

– international encounters and exchanges between young people and artists to promote intercultural exchange and encounters

– international cooperation between artists and organizations in the field of art and culture by networking similar formal and informal organizations that are dedicated to international cooperation in the field of art and culture

Short facts:

·         MOS now is a registered non-profit organisation under german law with a constitution

·         Artists applying for participation are supporting members of the association

·         Organisers to represent and to organise MOS are supporting members of the association 

·         memberships for artists is 10€ and for organsations 70€ annually

·         memberships are limited automatically for a year and expire if not renewed The brandnew founded association now puts MOS on a solid and professional basis and our supporting members enable us to provide a platform for international exchange and networking. Support MOS and make us grow, so we become more independent from cooperate sponsorships and public fundings.