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23-25 September 2016, Houston (USA)

23-25 September 2016, Houston (USA)

14074513 10153883260828226 1125923081 o - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

After the great success of the past years there was no doubt that Meeting of Styles had to return to Houston in order to present the high potential of the southern Graf-scene. Artists from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and more will be attending! Use cans, not guns!

Kicked of by Pilot and his local crew of helpers and supporters MOS expirienced a lot of love.

Representers of all major crews and all disciplines contributed and made the former MOS very special events! A total of 140 artists are registered to rock!

Some of the line up for this year from FX (Per, Koka, Reak, Does, Ed-Mun, Such, Poem) other notable artist Siul, Mez, Sloke, Supher plus many more. The registration is at 2800 Fannin st. Houston T, friday morning @ 9:00
Contact our local orga.

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MOS Orga.

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