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21-24 July 2023, Chengdu (China)

21-24 July 2023, Chengdu (China)

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After several years of anticipation, the most anticipated graffiti “meetingofstyles” is finally starting a new chapter in 2023!

This year’s hottest summer graffiti gathering, DAY0’s pre-party site almost 200writers have a graffiti markers on his hands, the event site completely uncontrollable madness! Hahahahaha!

About 300 people live graffiti party, more than twenty artists, graffiti brand masterminds formed a rich bazaar, brought a lot of fun and fresh products to share, night DJ music accompanied, And a fun freestyle graffiti contest staged happen!

let’s go through the photographs and videos taken by the photographers, as well as friends in the past few days, let’s recap this !

This video by cosmo,lets recap the DAY0 warmup party.
This video by clokclok,lets going a quick recap for whole event.

some of photo about DAY0

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90mins countdown graffiti competition, congratulations to team:IRON,MAX017,REVOS,GUAS for winning!

661692644008 .pic - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

And thanks to the team FOREST,DWANG,CMD,BUTES for their stylistic interpretations!

some of photo about DAY1~3

website header scaled - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & GraffitiChina has been a gap on the map for a couple of years. A little out of our continental schedule nevertheless we are glad to close the gap and welcome China on the the MOS map back again to hold this Graffiti party in Chengdu, Sichuan.

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Update the main meeting-place photo,The floors have been treared and bulid some wall, all around the walls are being painted.

After experiencing many twists and turns, we dont forget our original intention and are here to implement and jointly build the MOS in China with our partners. In the future, the environment of this venue will be like the theme of this year’s MOS “Critical Mass”, where everyone can freely gather and create collaboratively to spend a few wonderful nights together. Chengdu is now one of the cities with the strongest graffiti culture in China. It is a very famous tourist and leisure city in China with a long history, has hundreds of scenic spots and many great local food places, lots of youth culture and more to offer. Our chinese partners look forward to your arrival to explore and to experience. There are many wall areas in this event, where artists can establish connections and share experience and knowledge. At the same time, we will also try our best to find more youth cultural content, such as: street markets, art exhibitions, art auctions, Graffiti fun competition, street dance competition, DJ music performance, rap competition and so on.

This summer belongs to graffiti artists, and we look forward to your participation in this “MEETING OF STYLES CHENGDU 2023”.- Call for Artists NOW!

Author: MoS

MOS Orga.

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