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21-23 May 2004,Thessaloniki (Greece)

21-23 May 2004,Thessaloniki (Greece)

SKG04fly - Meeting of Styles: International Street Art & Graffiti

The spot for the greek Meeting was a hall with lots of space on walls around. Some of the walls have already been used as Graffiti-Hall-Of-Fame. The total available wallspace contained more than 1500 squaremeters. The greek MOS started Friday around highnoon. About 20 writers have been on the official line-up.

Any time you do something for the first time, you may have to make new expiriences – especially in the organisation of a project like this. It was the first time that MOS happened in Greece. So it was not easy and some difficulties occured very suddenly.


The lack of sponsorships made it even harder. But even though we managed to bring some artists from Bulgaria and Croatia down there – beside of the fresh local artists that were present. Eventhough there were some problems in the organisation, the weather was hot, as well as the girlies. However, we got to be honest and must say, that there is much more potential in the scene as shown this year but will be shown next year. As we are learning out of expiriences, we have found a new possible spot for MOS 2005 more central.


On the walls: Round, Merlin, Nar, Reb, Mor, Paks, Soras, Zone, Jsone, Live, Soras, Jorz (Greece), Lunar, Saint, Dock (Croatia), Sam, LBC, NTN, Rake (Bulgaria). On the floor: Crazy New Feeling, Total Reality (Greece). On the mics and decks: DJ Dimice, DJtas,DJ Paks, MC Sifu Versus.

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