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10-12 September 2004, NEW YORK CITY (USA)


10-12 September 2004, NEW YORK CITY (USA)

The NYC-MOS was happening at the same spot as in 2003. Corner of Paidge and Provost streets in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Beside of the main wall, there are several walls near-by. All walls are well reachable in a short walk.

You must know that New York is a crazy place. Writing culture there is present everywhere. If you have your eyes open you may get to see tags that are 20 or 30 years old.

Beside of european writers such as Brusk, Korem, Impakt or Iggy from France, Juice from the Netherlands or Nada from Switzerland a lot of american writers have been there. Sen2 from TATS, Pose2, Sew or the YMI-Crew are just some heads.

When we got to the wall friday night still a lot of work had to be done. The paint-gun once again didnt work, so most of the job had to be done saturday early in the morning.

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The MOS started actually on saturday morning. Around high noon more and more artists came along to present their skills on the main wall. Some cool guys were throwing the right vinyl to the needle, so the vibe was cool, chilly and sort of familiar.

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